The most anticipated album in my fucking opinion, Tyler’s 6OLDEN 6OLFIN 6OBLIN has hit its release today 5-10-2011!!

I’ve heard the album already and its FUCKING AWSOME! And I can say its my favorite album of all time! So get your ass up and get yourself a damn copy at your local music store. DITCH SCHOOL! And if you go to Ameoba after 4pm once you buy the ‘GOBLIN” you get free Goblin wristbands with the album pack. You can also get it on a vinyl record on Amazon’s website. Fuck you faggots who are downloading it illegally, go ask your fucking mom and daddy for $10 and a couple of dollars.. BITCH. You pay for what you ask for, and to me “Goblin” is worth much more.  GO GET IT!!!!

Words from Tyler: “You Got School Kid? Ditch. Go To Amoeba. Spend Lunch Money On GOBLIN. Get Wrist Band. Come To Show. I Stage Dive in Your Face. You Bleed. FUN”

Recommended Tracks:



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